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Hospitality Lighting: Green, Glowing, & Growing August 13, 2010

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In the not too distant past, hotels, motels and resorts seemed to announce their commitment to “going green” and “saving green” with long-lasting compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) in guest rooms.  The only problem was, the light was not very flattering, often flickered, and took a while to warm up to full brightness. Still, with a 75 percent energy savings over standard incandescent lighting, could you blame the hospitality industry for trying?

Today, however, the situation has changed.  From large, luxurious resorts to simple family hotels, compact fluorescent lighting is used to highlight guest rooms, offering a welcoming atmosphere. The technology has improved to the point where guests do not even notice the difference in the light source.

Quality, contemporary compact fluorescent lighting offers an inviting atmosphere in a variety of light colors, flicker free operation, instant brightness, dimmable and three-way options.  Guests can no longer tell by the lighting in their rooms about a hotel’s commitment to energy savings, as well as its commitment to reducing the hotel electric bill. Going green never looked so good.



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