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Dimmable Compact Fluorescent Lamps August 23, 2010

Posted by bowmanlamps in compact fluorescent light bulbs, lumen output number, energy savings, dimmable CFL, hospitality lighting.

Sometimes it seems technology and energy-savings don’t match up. Take dimmable compact fluorescent lamps as an example. Individuals and organizations look for ways to reduce energy consumption. The purchase and installation of compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) is proven to  meet that goal. It’s logical that CFL users want to extend that savings to dimmable applications. 

Until recently the technology didn’t match up. Dimmable CFLs were limited in how far they would dim.  Dimming down past the 20 percent mark often resulted in flickering, early burn-out, and user disappointment.

Now with a new generation of dimmable CFLs, however, many issues are eliminated.  The TCP Pro Series offers superior performance, including:

  • Uniform and smooth dimming from 100-20 percent
  • Optimized electronics maximizing lamp life
  • 10,000 hour life for dimmable SpringLamps
  • 8,000 hour life for dimmable covered bulbs (R20, R30, R40 floodlights)
  • High lumen / watt ratio

The bulb circuitry has been improved to ensure optimal lamp performance during dim mode or full power. It is designed to run at a cooler temperature to maximize lamp life. The bulb automatically turns off at preset positions for zero low-end flicker – preventing early failure.  Add to that a proprietary internal glass pre-coat which improves lumen output /depreciation through the life of the bulb.

So if you’ve been disappointed in the past by dimmable CFL bulbs, it’s time to give them another try. We’ve tried them and the improvement is remarkable. They are perfect for conference rooms, lobbies, auditoriums, home theaters – any dimming application. 

See what’s available at the Bowman Lamps store.



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