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“Europe’s Light-Bulb Socialism: Public Rejects Overseas Fluorescent Push” Really? September 1, 2010

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While I’m curious – and even a little annoyed – that governments feel the need to ban one type of light bulb in favor of another, I have to admit my experience with the recent versions of compact fluorescents does not warrant the angst reported in The Washington Times editorial Europe’s Light Bulb Socialism.  The article states:

“Beginning today, it is a crime to manufacture or ship for sale a traditional 75-watt incandescent light bulb in the European Union. Autocrats in Brussels last year declared war on Edison’s greatest invention with a ban on 100-watt lamps. Homes throughout the Old World will continue to dim until incandescent lighting of all types is snuffed out in 2012 – the same year the United States is scheduled to begin a phaseout schedule mirroring the European plan.“The EU‘s final solution to the incandescent problem was sparked by bureaucratic irritation at a public that refused to accept the pale, flickering, cold light emanating from government-approved, expensive compact fluorescent bulbs.”

Oh come on! There are many options available, including high-quality CFL and emerging LED lamps. It’s been my experience that the majority of bulbs do last.  I have bulbs in my home which I’ve been waiting years for them to burn out so I can try a newer model. And the minute amount of mercury inside CFL bulbs is nothing compared to that released by a  coal-fired power plant. Plus the bulbs are easily recycled. LEDs do not contain mercury.

If you want to express concern about the government meddling in what should be a free market advancement, please go ahead. But do not accept the “pale, flickering, cold light” CFL description. Qaulity compact fluorescents and the new LEDs are far beyond that. Try one! You will be pleasantly surprised.



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