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What Wattage CFL Light Bulb Should I Buy? September 6, 2010

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When purchasing a compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) how do you know what wattage CFL light bulb to buy?  While there is some variation among manufacturers, the chart below shows typical wattage conversions.  In general, the wattage of a CFL is one-fourth of a comparable incandescent light bulb.

  • 25 watt incandescent = 5 watt compact fluorescent
  • 40 watt incandescent= 9 watt compact fluorescent
  • 60 watt incandescent = 14 watt compact fluorescent
  • 75 watt incandescent = 20 watt compact fluorescent
  • 90 watt incandescent = 23 watt compact fluorescent
  • 100 watt incandescent = 27 watt compact fluorescent
  • 125 watt incandescent = 32 watt compact fluorescent
  • 150 watt incandescent = 42 watt compact fluorescent
  • 300 watt incandescent = 68 watt compact fluorescent

While the mid range wattages are easy to find on store shelves, the lower and hight wattages – as well as three-way, dimmable, and various light colors – may not be so easy to find.  See what is available at the Bowman Lamps online store.



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