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Four Last Minute Gift Ideas for Christmas 2010. Let There Be (CFL or LED) Light! December 6, 2010

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Christmas is fast approaching, but there are a few people stubbornly remaining on your gift list.  Give them something useful this year, and I don’t mean socks! Try these compact fluorescent light bulbs or LED fixture for your penny pinching and/or environmentally conscious friends and family. Buy a box of 12 CFLs and use them as stocking stuffers – for grown-ups only of course.

Fresh2 Air Freshening Light Bulbs! Does your lovable family pet – let’s say this delicately – have a little odor problem?  Is  your favorite teenager’s room smelling less than sweet?  Try these odor ending light bulbs. The air will be smelling better in no time. The titanium dioxide coating on these energy saving light bulbs reacts with the fluorescent light to break down odors (when the light is on).  They’ve done wonders for my laundry room.  Ranging in cost from $9.39 to 19.99 plus shipping. Make your selection here.


3-Way Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb: Surprise your friends and family with versatility! Three-Way compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs offer 14/19/32 Watt levels – comparable to a 40/75/150 Watt 3-way incandescent light bulb. Choose the light output right for each use and save additional energy. These guys use 75% less energy than equivalent incandescent bulbs and last up to 10 times longer. Fits anywhere a comparable incandescent fits. Individually boxed for easy giving.  A case includes 12. Only $4.99 each plus shipping. Order them here.


Dimmable Cold Cathode Flame Tip Chandelier Light Bulbs: Nothing says “love”  like energy savings – right?  Well maybe we are stretching things a bit. But these tiny, candelabra-based, flame-tipped chandelier bulbs are simply elegant. Fully dimmable 3 Watt cold cathode bulbs mimic traditional 15 to 20 incandescent lights. Frosted glass partially hides the swirl inside.  Treat somebody special (or yourself) and retrofit your old chandelier for good looks and energy savings. These bulbs will pay for themselves. Enjoy the soft warm light for years to come.  Only $8.99 each plus shipping.  Order here.

LED 16-watt Dock Lights and Flood Lights: Need a lot of high intensity light that’s easy to handle and energy efficient?  Try a portable LED  flood light. These little cuties are awesome.

The LED 16-watt Dock Light has 50,000 hours average rated life, and 775 focused lumens. The EcoVations Spot Light  is suitable for indoor and outdoor use making it an energy efficient alternative for lighting flag poles, studios and stages, machine stations, inspection stations, as well as use for security lighting. The fixture uses 82% less energy than a 90-watt PAR38 halogen, and exceed IESNA industry recommendations, and is UL rated for wet locations. Available here in yellow, rugged housing and comes with a plug. Only $255 plus shipping. Order here.



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