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What the Energy Independence Security Act of 2007 (E.I.S.A) Means to You and Me December 22, 2010

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The Energy Independence Security Act of 2007 (E.I.S.A.), is forcing innovation to old standard light bulbs. The E.I.S.A. standards call for better performing and more efficient lighting. That means that starting in 2012 (2011 for California’s accelerated schedule) inefficient lighting options will be phased out in place of more energy efficient options. The goal is that all sockets will be filled with energy efficient options by 2014. Here’s an exact breakdown of how the E.I.S.A standards are shaking out:

Rated Lumens Max Rated Wattage Min Rated Lifetime Effective Date
1490-2600 72 1,000 1/1/2012
1050-1489 53 1,000 1/1/2013
750-1049 43 1,000 1/1/2014
310-749 29 1,000 1/1/2014

The law is not banning incandescent lighting, it is just creating a standard for lighting that traditional incandescent lamps do not meet. The government is creating this standard for lighting, because it is in the public’s best interest. These standards are ensuring the quality and safety of the public, just like they have on many products on the market today.

These new lighting standards are phasing out the blubs that you are accustom to, but they are offering a lot more options that fit the energy efficient standards. Here are some options to keep in mind when shopping for light bulbs to meet the new requirements; the Compact Fluorescent Light bulb, the LED, and Halogen bulbs. There is no need to panic, all of these new lighting options are optimized for specific applications and will provide you with energy efficient lighting that  looks great in your specific space.

Stay tuned for more lighting regulation information and how to set the mood with an energy efficient lighting option!

This article first appeared on TCP Bright Point, a blog about lighting innovation.



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