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It’s Really Dimmable. Try a New TruDim™ Dimmable CFL March 8, 2011

Posted by bowmanlamps in dimmable CFL.

Dimmable compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs have been around for years.  But while there performance has been acceptable, it hasn’t been outstanding. Now all that has changed.

TCP, Inc.  announced the availability if its new new TruDim™ CFL series – the first fully dimmable compact fluorescent lamps (CFL).  The revolutionary CFL design greatly improves the dimming range, warm-up time and life expectancy of current dimmable CFL technology.

“This is really an exciting improvement,” TCP CEO Ellis Yan said. “For the first time we have energy-efficient CFLs which dim to the same low levels as incandescent bulbs.  Add nearly instant warm-up and longer life – rated at 12,000 hours under normal use – and you see what an accomplishment the TruDim™ CFL series is.”

Features include:

  • TCP-exclusive Advanced IC Chip Control
  • 100% to 2% Dimming Range
  • Human-eye matching dimming performance
  • Low-dim Level Starting Capability
  • Patent-pending Ballast Technology

The lamps incorporate TCP’s advanced digital InstaBright™ technology which allows full brightness 75% faster than comparable CFLs.  TruDim™ also allows for turning on the lights at a low-dimming level, eliminating the need to set the dimmer to full-on when the lights are turned on.

TCP’s TruDim™ CFLs are available in 16 watt R30, in a variety of color temperatures, from soft white 2700-Kelvin to Daylight 6500-Kelvin. 14watt R20 and other items are planned and will be announced when ready. Bowman Lamps has the TruDim R-30s here at a great introductory price.

All TCP CFL products are tested and certified to meet/exceed FCC, UL and RoHS certification requirements.

TruDim Technical Brochure

TruDim Frequently Asked Questions

TruDim Spec Sheet

TruDim Sell Sheet



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