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Is The Bulb Act Good or Bad for America? March 11, 2011

Posted by bowmanlamps in lighting.

Could Congress be doing a cha, cha, cha on light bulb efficiency?   One wonders as Congress debates The BULB Act, legislation that has 27 cosponsors in the Senate and a companion bill in the House. It would repeal the part of a 2007 law that toughened energy-efficiency standards for light bulbs, lambasting the standard as overregulation that is paternalistic and anticonsumer.

Still, The Christian Science Monitor reports “Kyle Pitsor of the National Electric Manufacturers Association (NEMA) testified that The BULB bill would be bad for US light bulb makers, who have already upgraded factories to meet new standards and would face a patchwork of state regulations if the uniform federal 2007 standard (due to take effect nation wide  in 2012) were rolled back, he said.

” ‘NEMA does not support its repeal,’ said Mr. Pitsor. ‘It’s a common misunderstanding, but these standards do not ban incandescent bulbs, nor do they mandate the use of compact fluorescent bulbs…. Consumers will still be able to purchase a general service incandescent bulb,’ but one that will be 28 percent more efficient.’ ”

Read about “the good, the bad and the ugly” of lighting regulation here in The Monitor.



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