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These LED Floodlights Kick Butt! Choose TCP PAR38 or PAR30 July 5, 2011

Posted by bowmanlamps in LED lighting.

It’s not often we get excited about a light bulb, but these litte cuties stir up the ooohs and aaaahs.  

n:fusion PAR38BowmanLamps.com is pleased to announce the addition of the PAR38 and PAR30 floodlight series by TCP.  These fully dimmable LED lamps are simply the best LED floodlights available.  Without a doubt, they offer:

  • World’s best LED Chip technology, providing exceptional light output, lamp efficiency and color stability
  • High-efficiency thermal management system improving lamp performance and extending lamp life
  • Unique TCP-designed optical components maximizing light output and control beam angles as well as light dispersion
  • World’s most advanced LED driver technology featuring integrated chip controller for optimizedpower management and full feature functionality

Energy sipping TCP LED PAR38 and PAR30 lamps offer full dimmability all the way down to 0%, just like a PAR halogen.  And, you can select from 24% narrow beam or 40% wide beam. The 30K  light color makes the lamps perfect replacements for energy intense halogen lamps, saving 80 to 90 percent.

Rugged construction.  No glass to break. And no mercury – used in compact fluorescent lamps – requiring recycling.

Offering over 1000 lumens, the lamps are ideal for use in track lighting, display cases, recessed cans – any place you would use a traditional incandescent or halogen PAR lamp.  And, the lamps offer unparalleled efficiency – 60+ Lumens Per Watt (LPW).  ENERGY STAR® sets its standard at 45 LPW.

These are simply the best on the market today.  Choose from:

PAR38 Wide Beam

PAR38 Narrow Beam

PAR 30 Wide Beam

PAR30 Narrow Beam

Use coupon code nfusion1 for 10 percent off your order.



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