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Friday Fun Gangnam Style (with a Christmas Twist) December 7, 2012

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It’s Christmas lights gone wild!

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The Bulb Eater® Lamp Crusher: Recycling Fluorescent Light Bulbs Looks Like Fun! October 27, 2011

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I have got to get me one of these! The Bulb Eater® Lamp Crusher is advertized as:

  • Eliminating spent fluorescent light storage hassles
  • Improving safety in the work environment
  • And cutting costs

Simply put, the Bulb Eater crushes lamps of any size while filtering out mercury vapors. Over 1350 4 ft. T8 bulbs can be crushed into one 55 gallon drum.  All this in preparation for  fluorescent lamp recycling.  Beyond that, it just looks like fun.  Watch and see.

Bowman lamps has an endless supply of  T8 and T5 linear lamps to feed your machine. Be sure to use them to light your space first.

Get a case of 40  4-foot 28-Watt T5  fluorescent lamps at only $2 per tube.

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