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Fresh2 Odor Ending Light Bulbs. They Work! May 2, 2016

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F2 clam pack image

A light bulb that eliminates odors?  As odd as it may seem, the Fresh2 compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) – manufactured by TCP – does just that!

When the titanium dioxide coating on the fresh2  bulbs is exposed to the fluorescent light given off by the bulb, extremely strong oxidizers are naturally created. Organic odors from kitchens, bathrooms, living and dining rooms, bedrooms, mudrooms, dens, workout rooms, nurseries, laundry rooms and basements and more are greatly reduced or eliminated. Plus, since it’s a compact fluorescent, its power to light your home will last up to 10,000 hours – saving you hundreds in deodorizers and up to 75% in energy costs.

The technology is “tried and true.” TCP has been manufacturing the bulbs for over 10 years, with many satisfied customers.  We’ve received reports of cleared air being in rooms including kitty litter boxes, smoking, smelly pets, dirty diapers and more.  Air-freshening sprays, solids, plug-ins and candles are often used to mask these odors – especially if the source can’t be controlled. But who needs the chemicals or mess of solid deodorizers which mask an odor?

The Fresh2 bulbs work by converting odors, organic compounds, into inoffensive carbon dioxide –  eliminating the smelly smells.  For best results, the bulbs need to be exposed to the air, so they must be used in an open fixture.  And, they need to remain turned on in order to work. About one bulb is needed for a 14 x 14 foot room.

Have a smelly odor you need to tackle? The Fresh2 bulbs are carried in a few stores, through light bulb distributors, or available here on Amazon.com .  Get a 2-pack of soft white 100 Watt equivalent Fresh2 CFL light bulbs for $15.02.  You will notice the difference.

Let us know how your Fresh2 light bulbs work for you!


Stock Up On These Powerful Little 27W =100W SpringLamps. Now Only $2.50 Each February 14, 2011

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Small size mini SpringLamps give off an incredible amount of light for their size. Plus QuickStart technology and fast run-up give you full brightness quickly.

  • Compact 2.40 x 5.10 size
  • Standard medium base
  • Replaces 100 Watt Incandescent
  • Warm white light 3100K 
  • 10,000-hour average life expectancy
  • Last 10 to 13 times longer than standard incandescent light bulbs
  • Ideal for hard to reach places
  • Change less often 
  • Save energy. Save the environment. Save money
  • Ul listed Compact 2.40 x 5.10 size
  • Now only $2.50 each plus shipping. Order here.
  • This is a great deal on these quality CFLs.  Order now so you won’t be left in the dark.

    Just What is a CFL Anyway? August 30, 2010

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    It seems we’ve all heard of CFLs.  And we are told we should use them in order to save money, save energy and save the environment.  But what exactly are they?

    CFL stands for compact fluorescent lamp. (lamp, in lighting lingo, means light bulb to individuals outside the lighting industry.) A CFL is a small fluorescent light bulb that uses 75% less energy than a traditional incandescent bulb and can be screwed into a regular light socket. CFL light bulbs also last about 10 times longer than an incandescent light bulb.

    Two main parts make up a CFL: a gas-filled tube and a magnetic or electronic ballast. An electric current is driven through the tube containing argon gas and a small amount of mercury vapor.  The resulting ultraviolet light (which we cannot see) excites a fluorescent coating inside the tube, giving off light which we can see.

    Most CFLs today use electronic ballasts to regulate the current, helping to provide a steady glow. Older style CFLs use magnetic ballasts which often caused an annoying buzz or hum. 

    CFLs are available in just about any style or shape, including the characteristic spiral, floodlights, globes, standard pear or A-shape, and chandelier bulbs. Bases include the tiny chandelier, the standard medium base, and the large mogul base.  There is also the snap-in GU24 base, which offers easy installation.

    Light color is another CFL option, from warm white, to cool white to daylight white.  Generally, warm white – 2700K to 3000K – is most like the light of a standard incandescent.  CFLs in the area of 3500K to 4100K offer a whiter light. And for daylight white, choose a light bulb in the 5000K to 6500K range. The color temp is generally marked on a CFL package. Add to that the options of  primary colors, shatterproofing, and more, the options seem endless.

    And it all begins with a small glass tube and ballast.  View different style of CFLs here.