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Restaurant Lighting: Choose from CFL or LED Light Bulbs December 5, 2012

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There is a lot of change taking place in the world of lighting, and restaurant owners / managers should consider a lighting update.  The end result will be a more inviting space and lower energy bills.

Here are a few areas which you may want to refurbish with the latest energy-saving LED and CFL (compact fluorescent) light bulbs.  Both have come a long way since they entered the market, and it is easy to say selecting the right light bulbs can enhance both dining and work areas.  Let’s consider:

Entrance Lighting: There is no need to explain the need for a well lit, inviting entrance.  TCP LED wall packs provide long lasting, low-mainenance, pleasing illumination. And, they have excellent light output and optimal energy efficiency.

Chandelier Lighting: Add a little style with energy efficiency.  TCP LED deco lamps are fully dimmable and beautifully designed for mood lighting. Choose from standard medium base or small candelabra base.

Spot Lighting: TCP LED PAR floodlights come in narrow flood, wide flood and spot options to highlight the most attractive areas of your restaurant.

Bar Lighting: Help set the mood with TCP BR floodlighting.  Ideal for downlighting or track lighting, the lamps are fully dimmanble and long-lasting – perfect for those hard-to-reach areas.

Kitchen Lighting: Food prep areas and glass lighting don’t mix well. Get optimum light with shatter proof lamps.  TCP InstaBright with ArmorCoat covered CFL bulbs have a protective layer that keeps bulb contents intact in case of breakage – perfect for food-prep areas.  ArmRLux T8 lamps have a similar protective coating.

General Lighting: TCP LED 2 x 2 fixtures are recommended for any place a lot of light is needed.  Brightly light kitchen work areas, walk-in coolers, storage areas and starewells.

Restroom Lighting: Restrooms should be comfortable and well lit. TruStart SpringLamps offer instant brightness, and they work with occupancy sensors.   Another option is the Fresh2 odor ending CFL.  Keep your restrooms smelling fresh.

bowmanlamps.com offers energy-efficient light bulb options by TCP, the leader in energy efficient lighting.


Light Ideas! Get CLF & LED Light Bulbs for Christmas & Holiday Gifts December 8, 2011

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My father LOVES light bulbs. He marvels at all the new shapes and energy-saving improvements introduced each year – and can’t wait to try them.

Whether you know somebody like him, somebody environmentally conscious, or somebody just interested in saving some green (dollars that is), these light bulbs will please. Try a few for Christmas, holiday, hostess and even birthday gift. All bulbs are manufactured by TCP Inc., the leader in energy-efficient lighting.

Simply elegant! TCP LED A-Bulbs

LED Light BulbLED dimmable 8-Watt A-19 lamp (light bulb), offers warm white 3000K light comparable to a 40-Watt incandescent light bulb.  Ideal for use in table lamps, chandeliers, wall sconces, and ceiling fans. The lamps offer smooth, uniform dimming from 100% to 5%. These energy-efficient light bulbs use 80% less energy than a standard 40W incandescent, last over 35,000 hours, and meet all industry performance requirements for non-standard lamps. Check it out here. Need LED PAR floodlights instead? Shop here.


Bright now! Then not-so-bright! You choose.

Fully Dimmable CFL R20 floodlightTruDim Technology by TCP offers the first fully dimmable CFL light bulb series which match an incandescent, dimming down 100% to 2% with no annoying flicker. But unlike incandescents, TruDim lamps are long-lasting and energy-efficient. Select from R40 floodlights,  R30 floodlights, R20 floodlights, traditional A-Lamp, G25 Globes, or 23 Watt Spiral.  Shop here.

Ahhh. Fresh air. With a light bulb!

air freshener light bulbFresh2 is a revolutionary light bulb that safely breaks down odors, while providing energy-efficient light. A healthy alternative to traditional, chemically based air fresheners. Simply turn on your light and fresh2 begins eliminating odors in just 10 minutes! Making it ideal anywhere you have persistent odors. Now through January 15th two-pack marked down from $25.99 to $16.99. Look here.

Little bulb. Lot of light.

These little cuties use only 42 Watts of electricity, but give off 150 Watts. Offered here in the 3500K, cool, crisp white light color.  Ideal work lights for use in garages, basements, work areas – even table lamps. Compact 5.7 inch by 2.4 inch size and standard medium (E26) base fits most applications. A member of the TCP PRO series family, lamp life is 12,000 hours. Get them here.

Ready to Switch Light Bulbs?

The U.S. effeciency standards will remove 100 Watt incandescent bulbs from store shelves in January 2012. Make the switch easy with TCP CFLs or LEDs from bowmanlamps.com.

Compact Fluorescent, LED, & Even Incandescent Light Bulbs Meeting Bulb Act Requirements November 2, 2011

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Dimmable PAR30 LampWith an eye toward energy conservation, the United States is mandating better performance from a common, everyday  item – the light bulb.  Over the next few years, standard light bulbs will be phased out in favor of more energy efficient options, leaving some people to hoard their favorite incandescent bulbs.

 This is not necessary. Advances in technology have made energy-efficient, high quality bulbs available at affordable prices – and within the standards established in the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) of 2007 (commonly referred to as the Bulb Act). Consumers may choose from compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), LED, and even improved-efficiency halogen-incandescents. (While not as energy efficient as CFLs or LEDs, the bulbs provide energy savings of about 28%. Look for  EcoVantage bulbs at  Home Depot.)

 One of the main arguments against CFL and LED bulbs is they do not dim.  However there are lines of fully dimmable CFL and LEDs.  Check out the TCP TruDim series here.  And the TCP dimmable LED series here. Those who do not like the spiral shape of CFLs can choose from a variety of covered options – even ones that look like standard light bulbs.  You would never know there is a CFL hidden inside.  And the TCP LED line is simply elegant.

Light bulb packaging requirements are also improving to meet the needs of more discerning shoppers. Bulbs are no longer being described just by wattage (how much energy is used), but by lumens (how much light is generated). In addition, packaging now includes annual usage cost, life expectancy, light appearance, wattage, mercury content – everything a consumer needs to know to make an informed decision.

 So there is no need to fret over light bulbs.  Just go to your nearest  big box store or look online and see what  lighting is available.

TCP Introduces New CFL Products at Hardware Show May 11, 2011

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Wow! It looks like TCP has some great new products. Some are even available now at bowmanlamps.com. Go here to purchase some of the new TruDim fully dimmable CFL light bulbs.

Or read the press release below.  

AURORA, Ohio, May 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — TCP, the world’s leading manufacturer of energy efficient lighting solutions, is introducing an extensive array of new compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) products and product enhancements at this week’s Hardware Show in Las Vegas, NV.  These exciting new products, introduced under the TCP Lightstyles™ brand name, further enhance TCP’s comprehensive offering of energy efficient CFLs and pave the way for a smooth transition into the government mandated move away from inefficient incandescent light bulbs.

Leading the product line-up are TCP’s new high-performance dimmable CFLs.  These lamps reach full brightness in seconds and dim smoothly down to 2% with zero low-end flicker.  The patent-pending micro-chip ballast componentry featuring GreenChip™ Technology by NXP helps to better manage lamp voltage, resulting in unprecedented dimming performance.  “These lamps combine powerful performance with intelligent design,” said Jim Connolly, Sr. Vice President – Retail, of TCP.  “TCP Lightstyles™ dimming CFLs perform just like an incandescent, but unlike an incandescent, provide the highest levels of energy efficiency and long life.”    

Additionally, the new Lightstyles™ family includes an expanded line of InstaBright™ and instant start products, offering even better CFL lamp performance.  These new non-dimming CFLs also feature TCP’s micro-chip technology to speed start-up and run-up time by more than 100% vs. the previous generation of products.  These CFLs also offer a rated life of 18 years – more than double that of most CFLs available today.

TCP is also introducing its new Remote Controlled CFL System featuring integrated wireless communication capability.  These lamps can be fully controlled from anywhere inside the house using the handheld remote.  This exciting new technology allows an unlimited number of CFLs to be programmed to one of four different “channels” on the remote.      

TCP has also upgraded many of its popular InstaBright fast-starting covered CFLs to include Armor Coat™ technology as a standard feature.  Armor Coat™ is a durable polymer coating that keeps the glass and bulb contents contained in case of breakage. The coating creates something similar to a protective skin around the bulb that gives peace of mind to the user without sacrificing any of the light output or performance.  This bulb is safe for use in kids’ rooms, around pets, and food preparation areas.  Now the industry’s fastest starting CFLs are also the safest.  

TCP is the global leader in energy efficient lighting innovations dedicated to creating high-quality products that are brighter, longer lasting and better for the environment.  From its U.S. headquarters outside Cleveland, Ohio, the company markets a variety of energy efficient lighting products for professional, specifier and consumer markets under several brands including TCP, TCP Pro, SpringLight™, DuraBright™ Lightstyles™, and TCP EcoVations™.  TCP’s extensive product line includes compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), LED lamps and fixtures, halogen lamps, cold cathode lamps, exit and emergency lighting, HID, decorative and outdoor fixtures, as well as a linear fixtures, lamps, and ballast offerings.  TCP is a privately held company employing more than 200 people in Northeast Ohio.  For more information, visit us at www.tcpi.com or call (800) 324-1496.


TruDim™ CFL: The First Fully Dimmable Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) March 30, 2011

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Lighting has a major impact on the rooms we live and work in. That’s why dimmable incandescent light bulbs, which allow you to control the amount of light, are popular.  Dimmable compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL), while energy-saving, have disappointed us with a limited dimming range, flickering, slow warm-up time, and short lives.  Usable yes, but I’d give them a B performance rating on a good day.

All that changed with the introduction of the TruDim™ CFL series by TCP Inc. Technological improvements allow for smooth dimming down to 2 percent, quick start, and longer life.  TruDim™ CFLs truly are full-dimming light bulbs. Right now they are available as  R30 floodlights / reflectors and traditional A-lamp shapes.  Colors range from the:

  • warm whites of 2700K and 3000K
  • bright whites of 3500K and 4100k
  • cool whites of 5000k and 6500k

Give TruDim CFLs a try! Use the coupon code trudim during the check-out process at www.bowmanlamps.com for 10 percent off any TruDim™ order over $50.  The offer is good until April 30.

If you still need more incentive to buy, see how they work in this YouTube video from TCP.

It’s Really Dimmable. Try a New TruDim™ Dimmable CFL March 8, 2011

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Dimmable compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs have been around for years.  But while there performance has been acceptable, it hasn’t been outstanding. Now all that has changed.

TCP, Inc.  announced the availability if its new new TruDim™ CFL series – the first fully dimmable compact fluorescent lamps (CFL).  The revolutionary CFL design greatly improves the dimming range, warm-up time and life expectancy of current dimmable CFL technology.

“This is really an exciting improvement,” TCP CEO Ellis Yan said. “For the first time we have energy-efficient CFLs which dim to the same low levels as incandescent bulbs.  Add nearly instant warm-up and longer life – rated at 12,000 hours under normal use – and you see what an accomplishment the TruDim™ CFL series is.”

Features include:

  • TCP-exclusive Advanced IC Chip Control
  • 100% to 2% Dimming Range
  • Human-eye matching dimming performance
  • Low-dim Level Starting Capability
  • Patent-pending Ballast Technology

The lamps incorporate TCP’s advanced digital InstaBright™ technology which allows full brightness 75% faster than comparable CFLs.  TruDim™ also allows for turning on the lights at a low-dimming level, eliminating the need to set the dimmer to full-on when the lights are turned on.

TCP’s TruDim™ CFLs are available in 16 watt R30, in a variety of color temperatures, from soft white 2700-Kelvin to Daylight 6500-Kelvin. 14watt R20 and other items are planned and will be announced when ready. Bowman Lamps has the TruDim R-30s here at a great introductory price.

All TCP CFL products are tested and certified to meet/exceed FCC, UL and RoHS certification requirements.

TruDim Technical Brochure

TruDim Frequently Asked Questions

TruDim Spec Sheet

TruDim Sell Sheet

Get These Dimmable CFL Cuties at an Outstanding Price! January 19, 2011

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10109Buy  9 Watt  (40 Watt) Dimmable Compact Fluorescent (CFL) spiral-shaped light bulbs for only $5 each plus shipping. Normal retail price is $14.49 each. Replaces 40 Watt dimmable incandescent. Ideal for use in office and hotel / hospitality lighting, conference rooms, home theaters – anywhere a standard dimmable light bulb is used. Great in ceiling fans. Medium base and compact (4 x 1.8 inches) size fits anywhere a standard incandescent lamp fits. SpringLamp with10,000 hour average life lasts up to 7 years based on 4 hours use per day. Ideal for hard to reach places; replace less often. Lasts 10 to 13 times longer than similar incandescent light bulbs. Use less energy and lower utility bills. UL listed. Warm White 2700K color. (TCP10109)  Stock up here. 

January Lighting Specials January 18, 2011

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Looking for a good deal on a dimmable CFL, a A-bulb CFL, a nifty new full LED exit sign / emergency light combo unit, or shop lights?  Check out the Bowman Lamps January Specials.

In Support of Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL) January 12, 2011

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Eco20-20.com, a blog about all things green, posted an interesting article about compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL), the pluses and minuses. While the information isn’t new, it’s interesting that the stated minuses – like poor light quality, color and flickering – have been addressed and fixed in high quality compact fluorescent light bulbs. Check out a few CFLs here.  Dimmable CFL, three-way CFL, warm white, cool white, daylight white and full spectrum CFL, chandelier bulbs, R40, R30, R20, A-bulbs, globes – you name it – are available.

Common Myths About Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL) September 30, 2010

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Compact Fluorescent Lamps or Light Bulbs (CFL) are generally known to use 75 percent less energy and last 10 times longer than standard incandescent light bulbs. So why isn’t everybody interested in saving money and the planet using them?  We think the answer is simple misinformation. So let’s take a look at several myths surrounding CFLs.

CFLS flicker and give off inferior light:  Not true!  A lot of progress has been made in this area. Today,  an Energy Star qualified light gives off the same amount of pleasing light as its incandescent eqivalent. And ballast technology has made “instant on” and “flicker free” a reality.

CFLs don’t fit my fixtures: Not true! Not only have CFL light bulbs been decreasing in size, they are now available for many special applications, like dimming, 3-way,  flood lights, candelabra, and more.

CFLs are expensive: Not true! While CFLs do cost more to purchase than incandescents, they pay for themselves in reduced energy costs.  An average CFL saves about $30 in energy costs over its lifetime.

CFLs are difficult to find: Not true! You can find standard CFLs at just about any hardware, grocery, or discount store.  And, there are many additional CFL options online. How about an odor eliminating compact fluorescent light bulb?

CFLs give off large amounts of harmful UV light: Not true! While a small amount of UV light is given off, it only poses a problem for individuals who already suffer from rare skin conditions which make them extremely sensitive to light.  

CFLs are hazardous: Not true! CFLs do contain a trace amount of mercury.  However, it is less than what you would find in a tuna fish sandwich.  The mercury is contained within the CFL, and it is not emitted during use.  Since  CFLs contain a small amount of mercury, the EPA provides simple guidelines for clean-up and disposal. Recycling burned out CFLs ensures that the mercury does not get into the environment. Many stores – including Home Depot – and communities offer compact fluorescent recycling. In addition, in areas where coal-fired power plants are used, CFLs reduce the amount of mercury and other pollutants entering the environment. Simply put, using less energy – which CFLs allow us to do – results in less pollution.